No Need for Parental Consent to HAVE an Abortion…But You Need Parental Consent to Watch a Movie About it?

No Need for Parental Consent to HAVE an Abortion…But…

My friend and I are going to see the new movie Unplanned this week. I’ve been looking forward to it with a heavy heart but looking forward to it just the same. It’s time for our society to truly face up to the realities of abortion. Not the propagandized view from the platform of Women’s Rights and politics – but the up close and personal view of what actually happens to these living babies torn from their mother’s wombs.

Albeit, it’s far more comfortable to keep your distance.

No doubt it is easier on the conscience to view the fetus as a clump of tissue devoid of feelings …or any inherent right to life.

Better for us to believe that clump of meaningless flesh only magically becomes human when it emerges from the birth canal some 40 weeks after conception.

But if we are going to promote or condone the practice of abortion; shouldn’t we be morally obligated to fully understand and comprehend the full measure of what abortion is?

And who should understand it more than those most likely to face the awful dilemma of an unplanned pregnancy?

An estimated 30% of teenage pregnancies end in abortion. Yet, thanks to the arbitrary decision of the MPAA, millions of those who MOST need to know the facts about abortion will be too young to view the film. Not too young to HAVE an abortion, mind you. Just too young to watch a movie depicting what abortion really is and how young women are manipulated into having them.

According to Abby Johnson, on whose story the movie is based, Planned Parenthood deliberately misleads young women to believe their babies aren’t really babies at all, but the mere beginnings of what would later become a baby. They are told the thing in their uterus is a clump of cells without any real distinction. Barely even human! Something unable to have thoughts or feel pain. This is so the mothers won’t feel too much compassion or sympathy for the life growing within them. No, no, no we can’t have that! They might think twice about going through with the abortion if they knew all the facts. It’s a very effective tactic.

Most of us are hard-wired to feel compassion for those who are helpless and defenseless.

Not many would stand by and do nothing while a helpless baby was killed. So the answer is to make sure we never see it as a baby at all. More like a polyp. A tumor. A parasite. An unwelcome interruption in a woman’s pursuit of happiness.

Except it IS a baby. A tiny, helpless baby. From as early as 8 weeks gestation the fetus (a medical term given to denote the baby’s stage of physical development. Not unlike infant, toddler or preschooler) has a face as well as a brain and heartbeat.

Let’s set legality aside for the moment. That’s a separate argument.

Abortions are promoted as a simple choice a woman (or teenager) makes about her future. The only question to be considered, she’s told, is whether or not she wants to have a baby. For most young girls the answer is easy. There is a lot of scary stuff associated with premature parenting. The option to sidestep all of that is understandably compelling, to say the least.

Abortion advocates and providers deliberately steer women away from considering abortion from the perspective of the life growing within her. They flatly refuse to even acknowledge it as something with inherent worth. As long as they can deny its humanity they can justify its destruction.

If the child is never born its life doesn’t matter.

As long as we can’t hear the baby cry while it is being torn to pieces and sucked out through a tube… we can pretend they don’t feel pain.

Q: If a tree falls in the forest…does it make a sound?

A: Who cares?

Unplanned offers us an opportunity to consider the facts we’ve been told to ignore.

Abortion is an awful decision made in the midst of devastating fear and uncertainty. Wouldn’t it be BETTER for women- particularly YOUNG women- to get all the facts about the realities of abortion at a time when she isn’t experiencing a pregnancy crisis?

What could possibly be the downside to allowing ALL women old enough to get pregnant to view this film? Fewer abortions? Safer sex? Girls protecting their future with greater wisdom and determination?

Are the ProChoice advocates afraid watching this film might lead to increased sympathy for the unborn?

Ah. That’s it, isn’t it?

It isn’t a polyp. It isn’t a tumor. It isn’t meaningless. It’s a baby.

How you feel about that baby is a very different conversation.

Go see the movie.

In His love and service,

Sharon Bollum

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