The Criminalization of Disapproval

The Criminalization of Disapproval

The world has changed a lot in my lifetime. I was born before color television and cordless phones. The only thing “digital” back then was a word in Webster’s, that meant “something relating to fingers”.

If time travel were possible and I had made a trip to 2018 from 1965 I might have thought I’d landed on a different planet rather than a different time.

I’d certainly have been blown away with what’s become of televisions and telephones! But I’d also be blown away by what’s become of our society and the families that were once the connective tissue that held it together.

I was born before divorce and split custody became more common than an intact family where everyone shared the same last name.

The rules surrounding sex were a lot different then too. I didn’t know anyone who would have said having multiple sex partners and making babies outside of marriage was good… certainly not moral.  And that wasn’t a  “religious thing” either.  My family wasn’t religious at all and no one thought my sister getting pregnant at 15 was something to celebrate.

When people went outside those moral boundaries they weren’t ostracized or pilloried, thank God, but no one pretended it was awesome either. Not at all like today.

21st Century America has drifted far, far away from the moorings mainstream culture once held as moral and good for both the individual and society.

In modern day America the boundaries, if there are any, are drawn by the personal preferences of the individual. I actually don’t have a problem with that on its face. America is a free country and you should be able to decide where the boundaries are for you.  

However, I do have a problem with Politically Correct mobs who think anyone who expresses disapproval or moral indignation should be publicly ridiculed, shouted down, boycotted and financially destroyed.

We’ve been bullied into remaining silent about campaigns to make “sex work” as legitimate and as acceptable as any other line of work. (btw, when and who decided that a woman or man prostituting themselves was anything other than tragic?)

It seems like every week the envelope gets pushed a little further. How far can it go? Would you believe there are people pushing for the “acceptance” of pedophilia and bestiality?

Their goal isn’t to expand our nations view of what is moral and good. It’s to completely supplant it.

Today, not only are we supposed to embrace an anything goes morality; we’re not allowed to object to the denigration of marriage, family and Christian values.

Disapproval has become a Hate Crime. 

While not all the ideals of Social Justice Warriors are in and of themselves wrong, the tip of their spear is an open threat to silence anyone who objects to ANY part of this new world view. It works pretty well too.

Aren’t we all at least a little afraid to speak an unpopular opinion about what we believe is right, wrong, moral, destructive, healthy, honorable or even just good for America?

I have to admit I’m more than a little reluctant to speak or write about anything that might be viewed controversial for fear of losing a friend, a family member or even a Facebook follower.

I silenced myself for fear of being publicly ridiculed.

Today, I’m changing that. Why? Because I want to be the light in this world my Lord calls me to be.

“Neither do people light a lamp, and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand; and it gives light to everyone in the house.” Matthew 5:15

You may not agree with me and that’s okay. You and I agreeing isn’t my highest aim.

“For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and for the gospel will save it.” Mark 8:36

I’m not looking for a fight – trust me. As cowards go, I’m quite the all-star! But I will calmly, respectfully and humbly disagree when I do.

Some of my Christian friends aren’t going to like it.

Some of my non-Christian friends won’t either. But here I go!


I say, to each his own. It’s a free country and I support your right to marry whomever you choose. Marry that department store mannequin if you want to! I don’t care.

I think what’s really undermined the sanctity of marriage is that our “solemn vows” are so easily declared “null and void” as soon as staying married requires more effort and sacrifice than getting a divorce. And, not for nuthin’, but the track record for Christians is only fractionally better in this regard than non-Christians.

I’m NOT saying there aren’t cases where divorce is the best way forward. I’ve counseled many couples over the years and I can tell you, there are some marriages I wouldn’t stay five minutes in! But I can also tell you, anything is possible with two willing people …and ALL things are possible through Christ.

And while I’m at it, I think it’s awful that Political Correctness, and its Handmaiden Hollywood, push a narrative that devalues marriage and family and minimizes their role as the foundation of a stable and successful society. It sickens me that last weekend’s Father’s Day “trending on Twitter” message was that children don’t actually need a father. (that was the straw that broke this camel’s back btw).


I believe God knew what He was doing when He gave us Free Will. I believe there is no way to glorify God if we don’t have any choice in the matter. But I also believe the RIGHT to do something does not make doing it right.

If one’s choice (aside from life threatening conditions) leads to the death and dismemberment of an innocent life, than I believe that “choice” reveals a devastating amount of recklessness, selfishness, fear or callousness – and probably some combination of all four. In any case, I don’t believe we could ever call abortion a “good” choice. Certainly not one we should celebrate in the streets.


I believe in the freedom of religion. If you aren’t a Christian you should not be required to live in deference to the articles and practices of my Faith. But, like it or not, the ideals that assert our individual freedoms and the rules that govern our society are rooted in those famous 10 commandments and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

I’m fine if you want to reap the benefits of that and still say there is no God.

But, I think you’re a fool if you think we can remove the cornerstone of Western Civilization from the foundations of America and not have society devolve into utter chaos. And I pray there are always enough of us, who know better, to keep you from ever pulling us down that harrowing path to destruction.

No one is persecuted for not being a Christian or forced to bow down to God in America…

and I’m glad for that!

God will never force Himself on anyone.

Choose Him or don’t.

Your allegiance to the God I serve is meaningless unless you choose it freely.  This is truly what’s made the American society work so well these past 150 years.

It’s BECAUSE of this, I do not welcome or support any religious ideology that seeks to usurp the fundamental rights and freedoms established here in America.

I don’t want America to look the other way when it comes to religions that steal the freedom and future of 12-year-old girls wearing Little House on the Prairie dresses as they are married off to some middle aged, self-proclaimed “prophet” wanting wife #17 added to his stable.

Nor do I want America to look the other way when five-year-old girls are having their genitals mutilated because their religion wants to make sure they never receive sexual pleasure.

I do not want Sharia Law to get one tiny toe-hold in this country. I don’t want anyone who believes they have a legal right to oppress women and murder my LGBT Brothers and Sisters to be welcome in America.

NO group or religion that puts itself above the Constitution of the United States should be setting up shop in THIS nation.

Having said all that… You don’t have to give a rip about what I think or believe.

That’s the point! The fact that you disagree shouldn’t diminish my right to think it, feel it or say it out loud in plain English.


This nation has always been home to people who don’t see life the same way. We’ve always functioned a bit like the Pushme-Pullyou in the Dr. Doolittle story. That’s a wonderful thing. It’s what kept us from getting too far away from center.

But we’re way off center now. We’ve been pushed into not pulling because we don’t want to be labeled a racist, bigot, Nazi or _____phobic (you can fill in the blank).

My mom always said, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Sage advice for healthy relationships. But not so when it comes to shaping the direction of our society.

Some people would like you to believe your opinions should only be allowed in public if they are sanitized of all potential offense.

They don’t want us to object to anything

Except any expression of disapproval.

But we must.

You can’t light the way for others if your light is a dim, diffused, indecisive glow. Nor can you light the way if you’re aiming your high beams in someone else’s face. In other words, be clear but be humble.

Be ready to stand up for your convictions…but don’t simply quote the Bible then drop the mic as you walk off stage.

That’s a cop out.

Not only does it not carry any weight with a non-believer, it’s a non-starter.

You might as well just say, “I don’t actually do any of my own thinking…”

God had very good and sensible reasons for why He drew boundaries as He did. The principles Jesus taught make as much sense today as they did when He spoke them 2,000 years ago.

God’s Wisdom doesn’t require a scripture reference to be valid.

Speaking of wisdom… If  your opinions were formed by a meme you saw on Facebook, it’s unlikely you’ll have anything worthwhile to add to the conversation.

If your morality is a set of do’s and don’ts you inherited from your parents, you’re not ready for a persuasive argument.

Take the time to really think through why something is good for society …or why it isn’t. You’ll be far better able to offer a thoughtful and interesting perspective for others to consider once you do.

Cautiously, kindly and respectfully speak up for what you believe to be moral and good, and pray your message will find a soft target in a reasonable heart…and take root there.

I can’t think of any other way for us to pull this nation a little closer to center again. Can you?

In His love and service,

Sharon Bollum

  • Denise Emry

    I would only add that one of the founding principals of this country, free speech, isn’t so free anymore. Opposing views are shut off by demonization from the other side. Free speech means that even tho you may disagree with me, we can discuss our perspectives and perhaps agree to disagree. This new trend of “safe spaces” and “trigger words” is intellectual blackmail. We cannot speak for fear of offending someone. We need to take back the conversation and return it to civil discourse before we can agree to disagree. Is the root of the word Conversation, conversion? Trying to convince others of our beliefs, feelings, outlook on life??? We must keep the conversation going!

    1. Sharon

      Totally agree! Liberals used to believe ALL speech was free speech. Today, any dissenting view is intolerable to the Left. With them, to disagree or disapprove is to immediately escalate the conversation to an all out fight. The flash point is soooooo low. And they can be so mean spirited about people they disagree with (and most disagree with anyone who isn’t on the Left). Any mention of President Trump causes an explosion of derision that leaves no room for civil discourse. It’s sad. Terribly sad. I hate fighting. So the choice is to avoid the fight stay silent. or stand tall and do your best to hold your own. I’m going with the latter but I’m not at all thrilled with it.

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